A “Magie Nouvelle” performance by Compagnie Vu, the artistic company of Isak Lindberg and Axel Adlercreutz.

New original electronic music by Marcus Wrangö, commission by Compagnie Vu with kind support from Kulturrådet (Swedish Arts Council).

Compagnie Vu writes:

Artifice is a performance that uses simple tools to create odd humorous illusions and immersive installations. The audience gets exposed to complex optical phenomenon that questions the cognitive aspects of what it means to see. By laying bare the artifice of the illusions the performance points to the complicated relationship between reality, perception and representation.

Isak Lindberg took his juggling skills from Sweden and went to Le Lido Centre des Art du Cirque in Toulouse and won the competition Jeune Talent Cirque Europe 2008 and has since toured around France, Holland, Belgium and Sweden.

Axel Adlercreutz has studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Stockholm and examines new kinds of expressions provided by illusion. He has specialized in inventing new magic tricks and combines object manipulation with visual art. He is winner of the Nordic Championships of Magic 2011.

Marcus Wrangö is a composer and musician focusing on electro acoustic music both in studio based form and live electronic form. He also composes audiovisual pieces, where visuals are equally important as the sound and music. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Electro Acoustic Music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

The show has had a name change from “The Curtain of Parrhasius”, to “Artifice”.

Commissioned by Compagnie VU
Durata c:a 47 minutes
Type Studiobased tape piece in 13 parts, started by the performers, with QLab.