Audiovisual installation


An audiovisual installation that explores the in-between of sound, music, movable images and out experience of these senses. With an integration of the audial and visual medias – on equal terms – a music for the eyes and images for the ear emerges – and something else in between. 

The installation was made for the venue Audiorama in Stockholm, and premiered during the festival Stockholm Music & Arts 2015. 

- The installation is available to show at galleries, art shows or music festivals.

- It is available for stereo or quad sound systems.

- Requires a high end sound system with subwoofers that fills the room with a powerful loud volume. 

- The projector should be a 16:9 placed in a portrait mode (90 degrees tilted)

- The projector should be perceived as very powerful, and should be at least 6000 Ansilumen, and more for bigger rooms. 

- The projection surface should be a projection screen (preferable PVC non transparent) or a white wall. 


Review of Dimension Oblique in "Miljömagasinet" (Translated from Swedish):

About the art of the festival Stockholm Music & Arts: "Best was Marcus Wrangö's sound- and video-installation that explores the edge in between audio and the moving image and our perception of these questions. Sinewaves got transferred into vertical and horizontal lines. Like some kind of synesthesia as sound in image or vice versa. The edge became the personal experience. Most people could stand it for a couple of minutes."