Audiovisual live set

I’m available to perform audiovisual live sets. I usually perform intense electronic audiovisual sets with abstract music and visuals.

I’ve been working with digital tools for both audio and visual art; with specially built softwares - like the project cube5. And I'm for the moment working on a digital sequel to cube5.

The last years I’ve also been exploring the analog worlds of visual music, alongside my long term audio modular synthesizer tools I’m now also use analog modular visual synthesizers.



Wavemultiplier, the techno moniker of Marcus Wrangö. Equipped with a limited amount of hardware machines he play a intense type of techno music, often with rhythmical explorations beyond the ordinary four to the floor. 

Wavemultiplier released an debut album on the danish label clang in march 2015.

The first live set as Wavemultiplier was presented at Slakthuset (Slaughterhouse), a well renowned Stockholm night club during the 15 years party for the web site KLOT (klot.net). Wavemultiplier also did a outdoors off site gig at Norbergfestival, Norberg, Sweden in late july 2015. 

Available for booking of live performances


cube5 is a audiovisual piece.

The cube5 project vision is to make an experience that you feel, not just from the sounding vibrations and strong visual contrasts, but also an experience to activate both positive and negative feelings – as happiness, comfort, anger and unease. A piece that you have to keep experience even though it can be unpleasant and beautiful at the same time.

The piece is made to be a kind of music for the ears, eyes and feelings. This is accomplished by composing with both sound and vision at the same time – on equal terms. In the project a specially written computer software is used, which enables exact synchronization between audio and visual elements.

The piece is available in three versions:

  • one for Live Performance: cube5 live

  • one for Galleries/Art shows as installation: cube5 installation

  • one for tape/movie shows: cube5 tape

cube5 is now available for booking.

Technical details:

  • Piece for projection and 2–4 channel sound system in two versions.

  • Audio, Visual and compositional system built in openFrameworks (C++).

  • Live version durata: 10-50 minutes

  • Tape version durata: 10, 25 or 50 minutes

  • Installations version durata: unlimited


"An almost academic, complex technomusic in a somewhat polyrhythmical fashion that you almost can dance to."

"An almost academic, complex technomusic in a somewhat polyrhythmical fashion that you almost can dance to."

The goal of RTTRSPRT is to work in the areas between the electroacoustic music (and its traditional concert forms) and the electronic dance music (with its dance floor and club settings). A music that can be performed for a sitting audience as well as for a dancing crowd. A synthesis of musical elements from genres as IDM, acousmatic music, ambient, clicks’n’cuts, contemporary art music and techno formed in an intensive live act.

RTTRSPRT is a duo comprised of Mattias Petersson and Marcus Wrangö. They have both been active as solo artists in the field of electronic music for a long time, creating works spanning all the way from electroacoustic to techno. They also have degrees in electroacoustic composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

An almost academic, complex technomusic in a somewhat polyrhythmical fashion that you almost can dance to.

RTTRSPRT is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Listen to examples of our music:

RTTRSPRT - Carpeggio Machine

The 27th of July 2018 we released a C60 cassette on the label Monaural Tapes. You could buy it here: https://monauraltapes.bandcamp.com/releases